Naked partners

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Art of Talent

bringing the transformational edge in a world in which previous approaches taken by senior practitioners are simply yesteryear

Bank of America

brilliant insights and perspective balanced with clear and measurable results

Exec Coaching Client

both inspired and inspiring … a pleasure to work with


Perceptive, pragmatic and personable


a true partner to achieve the best possible outcomes


the ability to create innovative solutions to business problems and then, remarkably, actually drive them to fruition clearly separates them from the crowd


true strategic business thinking … able to always see the big picture whilst seamlessly navigating complexity, engaging stakeholders well and getting stuff done

EDF Energy

extremely capable, commercially focussed and quick to understand the bigger picture, willing to challenge and push thinking, yet able to balance this with pragmatic delivery and solutions

Exec coaching client

Elegantly clever and bundles of common sense, nerve and insight.  Amazing.

And as the psychology advisor to Naked Leader, we partner on significant projects to deliver fast track behaviour change that delivers 3 x more value.