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What we do

Why is it that some businesses flourish while others wither?

Good ideas and a strong business plan will get you some of the way, but at the heart of every good business are its people. People turn their dreams into reality, thoughts into action, and plans into products.

But if, as almost every successful leader will tell you, ‘Our people are our greatest asset’ why is it so often the case that the people element of the business is often the last factor to be considered, when it is often the critical factor in an organisation’s success?

It makes no sense.  Every business leader is concerned with the performance of people at work and with how individuals, small groups and organisations behave and function.

They all want their businesses to grow, to increase the effectiveness of their organisation and – hopefully – to improve the job satisfaction of individuals.

So, how do you make that happen? That’s where the Naked Psychologist can help.

Why go Naked?

Going Naked is good for business

Today’s business world is fast-paced and relentless. To help you stay ahead of the competition we can help you in the key areas of your business

  • Strategy
    To remain at the top of the game, businesses need to be competitively agile in a world dominated by change. Business leaders must be able to juggle the need of doing the basics brilliantly, investing in creating tomorrow while at the same time seamlessly delivering on current commitments. 
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  • Transformation
    Why is change so hard?  Because to make any transformation successful, you must change more than the structure and operations of an organisation, you need to change the mindset and behaviour of your people.
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  • Effectiveness
    To be successful a business needs to be more than the sum of its parts.  By employing a combination of psychological principles and research we can create an environment that will align your people behind your vision, make them happier and more successful and at the same time increasing your productivity, profitability, and effectiveness.
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Naked partners

We believe in developing dynamic partnerships with our clients that are stronger than the usual business/customer relationships.  We look to support you how and when you want us.  Our portfolio is as broad as it is long: global brands, mid-market players and a selection of SMEs.  We work with business leaders and rising stars – all of the amazing organisations and people.

From global brands and dynamic mid-market players; from business leaders to rising stars … we work with some amazing organisations and people. Whatever your ambition, whatever the challenge, we’ll help you and your teams to transform, thrive and achieve their potential.

What People Say

And as the psychology advisor to Naked Leader, we partner on significant projects to deliver fast track behaviour change that delivers 3 x more value.


Who is the Naked Psychologist?

Clair Carpenter is the Founder and driving force behind The Naked Psychologist

With a dynamic and visionary approach, Clair is a Harvard psychologist and proven HR business leader with an excellent track record of driving business strategy, transformation and engagement in an enviable list of blue chip companies.

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We'll help you transform, perform and thrive

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